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Can I present medical evidence from a onetime medical examination or must I have ongoing treatment from the treating physician?

A-A recent memorandum and Rule change, makes it easier for the Social Security judge to look at any evidence submitted even if there was only a one time medical examination. This change can help my clients especially the ones cannot afford paying for a substantial amount of treatment and may need to rely only on a onetime examination from a particular orthopedic, neurologist, pain management doctor, or other specialist. The problem is that Social Security Administration can also require you to go to one of their doctor as a onetime examination and can use their opinion as evidence just as easily to give a bad decision that will cause a denial of your claim.

That is why I do not like this Rule. I would much prefer that my clients will have ongoing treatment and then I will get a narrative report or a response to a physician's questionnaire from the doctor that will address the essential medical issues for the Social Security Administration to consider. As mentioned above, some clients cannot afford on going treatment, especially in the psychological area. If I send my client to a clinical psychologist for a detailed report, that will cost about $600 to $1,000. Ongoing treatment could be $2,000 to $3,000. The question is will the Judge accept the onetime detailed psychological examination/report? That is up to the individual Judge. However, if psychological treatment is properly addressed and documented that show marked limitations in the individual's ability to concentrate during the course of a work day, this may be what you need to place your case in the win column. Therefore, documenting a psychological or psychiatric condition, especially if it is considered permanent, or long standing or chronic, is a genuine benefit in a case. It just needs to be properly documented.

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