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Are chiropractors considered quality medical providers in the eyes of the insurance company adjusters?

First of all, adjusters will attempt to discount any and all doctor care you receive in order to “low ball” your treatment and the value of your claim. I had an adjuster call me in 2020 to tell me his company discounted the orthopedic care my client received because “it was not necessary.” Heavenly days! Who makes that decision?

The problem with chiropractic treatment is that the treatment notes kept by the Chiropractor are horrible. They are hand-written notes that cannot be read by anyone. Symbols are used, short-hand notations are used and no one can understand them.

Orthopedic doctor notes are almost always typed up for each visit with a diagnosis, plan of treatment and an interpretation of various testing that has been performed.

Chiropractors treat three (3) times a week for six (6) to eight (8) weeks and then pronounce the patient well. There is little individual assessment. Quick care, minimal improvement. This leaves you, the patient, scratching your head, wondering why you are still in pain and why all the treatment you received did little good.

Orthopedic or neurologic care has a way of getting to the diagnosis sooner. These doctor disciplines do tend to give medicines (that mask the pain) and refer you to physical therapy for 3-4 weeks. This is not too much better than the chiropractic treatment.

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