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Why do doctors charge so much money to treat auto accident victims?

This is really a two part question. First of all, not too long ago almost no doctor would dare to treat my clients who were involved in an automobile accident if they were not guaranteed payment or unless they were paid up front. That was the old days. Now, many quality doctors, clinics, facilities, and even individual orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgical clinics accept automobile accident cases.

These quality doctors agree to treat on a medical lien. They offer medical treatment and wait for payment when the case is settled. The accident victim, (especially if you do not have group insurance) now can have access to the best medical care in metro Atlanta. This is all a result of competition and the realization that accident cases are a “profit center” for many doctors and clinics.

The second part to this question addresses the cost of the medical care. The doctors clearly attempt to charge more for the risk of waiting 6 months to 2 years for payment. Who can blame them? There are some lawyers who “stiff” the doctors completely, failing deliberately to pay for the medical services rendered to their clients. This practice gives the rest of us a bad name and has caused some excellent doctors to remain outside this “treat now-pay later” system.

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