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WC Cases FAQ Master List

Pre-Litigation Questions/Answers

  • When must the insurance company start my benefits if I cannot work?
  • Who determines how much weekly disability money (TTD) I am supposed to receive when I am out of work?
  • Can I draw unemployment and workers' compensation at the same time?
  • If the workers' compensation insurance company denies my claim for benefits can I use my group insurance? Who pays the co-pays and deductibles?
  • Why do the workers' compensation doctors not want to give me my medical records during my treatment of my injuries?
  • What is a PPD rating? If I have a rating is it going to give me some additional money? When will that happen?

Litigation questions/answers

  • Why has my case been postponed so many time?
  • What are assessed attorney fees and does an assessment free me of paying my attorney?
  • What if the insurance company lawyer want to interview or have a meeting with my treating physician in my workers' compensation injury claim?
  • Must the Judge favor my long time doctor and his opinion over an insurance doctor who has seen me only one time?
  • Does a return to light and restricted work end your workers' compensation claim?
  • What do I need to bring to a Settlement Mediation?
  • What does a lawyer need to bring to a Settlement Mediation?
  • Is that a fair offer of Settlement?

Medical questions/answers

  • What if I have an aggravation of an underlying congenital condition due to a job injury?
  • What is a total disc replacement?
  • Should I take the advice of the Nurse Case Manager assigned to case by the insurance company?

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