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The Role of Judges

Burdine & Brown Feb. 13, 2020

There is a group of liberal lawyers, members of the American Bar Association, who are trying to get the rest of us lawyers to “protect our courts.” What they really are trying to do is to resist the many judicial appointments President Trump has made (with consent by the US Senate) to the Federal Court system.

President Trump has stated in a number of speeches recently that he has nominated and received Senate confirmation of over 191 Federal Judges to many different courts around the USA. The Federal Judges have become far too liberal, creating law, not interpreting the law as they should do. The President and the US Senate is in the process of changing the way the Federal judiciary views their job. In other words, the Federal bench is becoming more “conservative.”

This is exactly what the ABA liberals do not want. They want more influence in picking the judges for the Federal Judiciary. They try and wrap themselves in the words such as “our independent judiciary” and the decision-making of the judges “should never be influenced by external political pressure.”

I want judges who follow the Constitution and who do not try to create laws to fit their political agenda. The President believes in this view of judicial responsibility. Watch out for those who want otherwise.