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Can my Disability be solely a psychiatric disability?

A-If this is what you are seeking your benefits upon it is a tough road to row. It is extremely difficult to win these type of cases but it is not impossible. You must have quality evidence of psychological and-or psychiatric treatment that has been rendered over a period of time. You cannot expect to win if you only have a smattering of treatment here and there, and if your treatment has been rendered by a licensed social worker and not by a highly trained psychologist or psychiatrist. Rest assured is that the Social Security Administration will send you to their own psychologist for a one time examination. Do not expect a positive report from this Social Security doctor.

A Mental Functional Capacity Evaluation form is a necessary component to be completed by the clinical psychologist or the psychiatrist. It is a very comprehensive form and goes a long way toward your claim for disability.

Your credibility will be measured by the Administrative Law Judge and ultimately will be based on whether you have received treatment for your psychiatric condition. As mentioned above, a small amount of treatment for a psychiatrist condition, will not help your case at all. Most of the lawyers will not accept your case to begin with.

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